Connecting to Sky Q

Connecting your Sky Q box 


Sky Q boxes communicate with each other using a dedicated wireless communications network, which may interfere with the wi-fi network created by your County Broadband router. This article (external link) may also provide useful information.

It should be noted that the County Broadband Router uses the latest band shaping firmware to maximise the benefits of both 2.4Hgz and 5Ghz dynamically and provide you the best wi-fi experience. Some devices, such as SkyQ are not as up to date to benefit from this.

This guide will support you in connecting your SkyQ to your County Broadband router:

If you are experiencing the following issues with your SkyQ devices

  • Buffering
  • Loss of Connection
  • Unresponsive Video / Audio

To resolve this problem, choosing ‘static channels’ for each wireless frequency band (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) often solves the problem. You can do this in your My CB WiFi app. 

If you are yet to download the app, the please do so, for more information refer to our FAQ via this link to your customer portal.

Once you have downloaded your My CB Wi-Fi app please:

  • Click on the `Wi-Fi’ icon at the base of your screen.
  • Click settings and under the heading `2.4Ghz.
  • Click Channel.
  • Select channel 11 and press apply.
  • This sets our router to work on a preferred frequency that is suitable for Sky devices


If you do not own a smart phone please follow these instructions

  • Log into your router via a device connected to your broadband such as a PC, laptop or tablet. Instructions on how to log into your router can be found within our Knowledgebase through this link!
  • Access your Wi-Fi page on the router’s interface, this can be found to the left of the screen.
  • Click “edit” button to the top right of the screen.
  • You will presented two options, 2.4GHz network and 5GHz network.
  • Select the 2.4GHz network and adjust the channel to “11” and select save.
  • This sets our router to work on a preferred frequency that is suitable for Sky devices

If you are still having problems connecting your device, please create a support ticket by clicking through this link , and explain that you have a Sky Q box.   

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